Seitan is highly digestible and rich in protein. The seitan Maya produces has an average protein content of 24,8%, which is more than most meats.

Protein content, respectively in lamb, cow, pig, fish, seitan and chicken.

In addition, animal protein contain relatively more sulpheric amino acids. While this used to be consider a good thing - which is the reason animal protein are mistakenly called high-quality protein. Meanwhile, it has been determined that the intake of these sulpheric amino acids should be kept to a minimum: more is not always better!

Non-animal protein, which are available in all vegetable material, do not have this disadvantage and are built from a much more optimal set of amino acids than the protein in meat.


Seitan contains a mere 0.2% of fat, which is very, very low. Many meats contain around 15 to 25% of fat. That's why even the deep-fried seitan products of Maya have a very low fat content (3.4% of fat). Obviously, the fried Maya products are deep-fried in vegetable oil.

Fat content, respectively in seitan, fish, chicken, lamb, cow and pig.


Seitan does not contain any cholesterol.

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