Seiwhat??? Seitan is an exotic name for a tasty product, made from wheat gluten. While it is possible to prepare seitan from mechanically separated gluten, Maya uses wheat flour as a whole, which results in very tender and very juicy seitan.

First, a dough is formed by adding water to the flour. This dough is then repeatedly washed under streaming water to remove the starch and the bran. The result is a very elastic dough with a very high nutritional value. The last step is boiling it in an aromatic bouillon of shoyu and herbs.

Some images from the production process


Wheat flour and water are mixed into a dough.



Cold and warm water are added in turn to wash the starch and the bran from the dough.



The outcome is very elastic dough that consists mainly off wheat gluten. This is then boiled in shoyu, ginger, kombu and herbs.


The resulting seitan is ready to be processed in a variety of ways (baking, deep-frying, mincing)



Seitan facts

  • The name seitan probably comes from the Japanese words 'sei' (made of) and 'tan'(protein)
  • Seitan is said to be originally created in ancient China, as an alternative to meat for the many Boeddhist monastaries (the monks were vegetarians).
  • Seitan was introduced in the west by the macrobiotic kitchen in the sixties. Today, seitan is one of the basic 'meat-substitutes' for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Seitan contains more protein than most meat.
  • Seitan doesn't contain any cholesterol.

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