Maya is a small-scale company that prepares organic meat alternatives based on seitan. In 2008, Seven Arrows, a producer of tofu, moved into the production hall of Maya.

With high quality ingredients

The ingredients that are used have been labeled as organic (the label is called 'Biogarantie'). This means they have been grown without the use of artificial fertilizers or herbicides. This results in strong plants and grains with a rich flavour. By using these type of ingredients, we make a positive contribution to the environment and to your health.

All the products of Maya are free of any animal ingredient and are therefor suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Going to great lengths to preserve the original flavour of the ingredients

No cheap fillings or flavourings are added to any of the products; they are prepared with nourishing, all-natural ingredients that are selected with great care.

With few mechanical processes

Maya works according to traditional methods: machines are used as little as possible.

Constantly monitoring the hygiene

Since the end of 2005, Maya has been using a brand new production facility, which complies to the most strict HACCP standards. In 2008, Seven Arrows moved into the production facility. All aspects of the production are constantly monitored.

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